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informance 3/5 | Grupa Poetycka Kastracja

Fri, 25 Oct 2019 18:30 - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 19:30


plac Grunwaldzki 2 Katowice,

plac Grunwaldzki 2,


ŁH: I see people in ski masks, wrapped in black cables, whispering poems. It’s hard to tell if they’re unbalanced psychos or artists like me. 

PM: Physics, philosophy, culture and art all in one place in stereo.


Moving through the city routine, there is only a few things, able to get us out of it. Often it’s street performers, who with their dancing singing or another artistic expression catch our eye. For a moment we forget, that we are in a rush to get somewhere and are able to acknowledge this art in public space. 

informance 3/5 | Grupa Poetycka Kastracja will be an hour long performance, broadening the horizons of the viewers. It will be something very different from the typical poetry evenings. 


Łukasz Harat (ŁH) – Festival director

Patrycja Mola (PM) – Festival designer


Grupa poetycka Kastracja

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