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info:lab | nonverbal communication

Sun, 27 Oct 2019 10:00 - Sun, 27 Oct 2019 18:00


Drzwi Zwane Koniem,

Warszawska 37,


AF: Do you realise how much you can learn about another person just through observation. Body language can tell you more than just words. There is so many informations you can only get by watching a person carefully. 

AK: Constant noise in our heads, so many thoughts, impulses, lights, sounds, ads, voices, screens make us blind to what happens between words. Would it be possible to exchange verbal communication for pure observation, causing the world to stop screaming at us from all sides. Just concentrate on the person standing before us, upon closer inspection, surprisingly similar to ourselves


Nonverbal communication is at the base of human relationships. Through gestures, poses, movements and expressions we can learn the true emotions and feelings. By understanding those messages we can stop to judge without thought, understand each other better and put ourselves in the place of the person we talk to. 

info:lab | nonverbal communication is a workshop, where through nonverbal theater improvisation you’ll learn to communicate better, without using words. The leading topic will be nonverbal forms of expression.


Registration: on a first come first served basis


Agata Filipowicz (AF) – festival curator

Aleksandra Kopeć (AK) – festival producent 


Szymon Paszek

Szymon Paszek is an improviser, theater actor, improvisation coach, theater announcer and hitch-hiker. He learned from the best polish and international improvisation coaches (Susan Messing, Shawn Kinley, David Razovsky, John Cremer, Ad Hoc, Improkracja, Wojciech Tremiszewski). He is the founder and CEO of the Impro Silesia Foundation, the founder and leader of Po Prostu IMPRO!, the leader of the comedic, improvisation theater “A propos” and the co-creator of the Improv Theatre „The Billy Boy”. For four years now he leads workshops for teenagers and adults around the topic of theater improvisation. He gained his business experience as an IT consultant and as a vice director of the IT department, where he was responsible for interior and exterior communication. ...