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info:lab | fact checking

Wed, 23 Oct 2019 18:30 - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 21:30



Słowackiego 13,


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ŁH: Trump has schizophrenia. Merkel has a romance with Tusk. Duda snowboards in secret.  I’ve read all of that on twitter. Is it true? How should I know? 

HS: The earth is a sphere. No, it’s flat. No, no, it’s a plate on the back of a turtle. Actully, we only exist in a dream of a giant. There is countless theories. But how and based on what can we find out which one is true?


From time to time the internet is flooded with news about the inevitable end of the world, natural disasters and crazy traffic jams. It has happened repeatedly, that media duplicated news about the tragic demise of a famous actor, who in a mysterious way reappeared, disproving the gossip, as if risen from the death. In times of unlimited access to information, it’s not easy to determine, if things we perceive as set truths, actually are. The verification of facts, while being smothered by conflicting influences, is a hard nut to crack. During info:lab | fact checking we will try to determine how to prevent the overflow of false signals and not get fooled that vaccines cause autism or global warming is a myth.


workshop language: english

Registration: on a first come first served basis


Łukasz Harat (ŁH) – Festival director

Helena Szewiola (HS) – Artistic director


Charlotte Lohmann

Charlotte Lohmann works as an education specialist in a small village in Lower Silesia, Krzyżowa. She grew up in Germany, studied in Fulda and Poznan, was charmed by the pastel-coloured houses in Wrocław and came to Poland with a bag and a box to work in the "Foundation Krzyżowa/Kreisau for European Understanding". Her heart beats for youth meetings and non-formal-education. When she's not busy with digital ethics, Hate-Speech or Fake-News, she bakes cakes or climbs the peaks of the Tatras....