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info:lab | sign language

Sat, 26 Oct 2019 14:30 - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 16:30


Drzwi Zwane Koniem,

Warszawska 37,


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KB: Calling the deaf society the “deaf-numb” society isn’t correct. They have their language, it’s just different than ours. 

SB: Try to imagine a world without sound. As if you would turn off the noise of the computer you’re working on, the rattling of the coffeemaker, or the buzzing of the cars driving by you on the street. You don’t hear people breathing, raised voices or silent whispers. It would be hard to have your ears turned off, wouldn’t it?


Sign language is the basic medium of communication for so many people, as natural for them, as our language is for us. It has its variations, dialects and slangs. Info:lab | sign language is a workshop where you will learn the basic rules of that language, how to build sentences and form words and expressions. You’ll also get to hear some facts and myths about the language and the deaf community.


Registration: on a first come first served basis


Staś Bryś (SB) – Festival Curator

Klaudia Brończyk (KB) – festival artist


Klaudia Brończyk

Klaudia Brończyk is a future lawyer, additionally to being an enthusiast of sign language and deaf culture. Her adventure with sign language started 2 years ago and gets more intense with time. Currently she participates in the programm Be together - integration and art, which goal is to increase the cooperation between deaf and hearing communities. She is also interested in human and animal rights issues, fighting social injustices and removing social and communication barriers, especially in connection with the deaf community....